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Octave-Frontend to MOUSE compiler


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Octave-Frontend is an adaptation of the octave interpreter to serve as a front-end to the MOUSE compiler. It is distributed under the general public license (GPL) .

The adaptation is based on octave version 2.1.35 . For the interpreter mode, GNU readline is required. For generation of intermediate representation, the RNA library is required. Additionally, the front-end can also generate its intermediate representation using the Aterm library of University of Utrecht.


The current version (0.2) of octave front-end can be downloaded here . There is also a patch for version 2.1.35.

Local copies of the RNA library and the Aterm library are available, too.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the RNA library and optionally the Aterm library.
  2. Unpack the octave front-end archive
  3. Install according to the instructions given in the 'INSTALL' file of the octave distribution
  4. Pass the option '--enable-rna' to 'configure to switch on facilities to generate intermediate representation.
  5. Pass the option '--enable-aterm' to switch on facilities to generate Aterm output.
  6. If your are using the 3-series of gcc, please use the environment variable CXXFLAGS to set '-fpermissive'.

After installation, you can switch on generation of intermediate code by giving the option '-c' to octave. The name of the output file can be specified by '-o'. The option '-F rna' switches to RNA format, '-F aterm_text' switches to Aterm format.

More information about the MOUSE compiler framework can be obtained here:

Dissertation: A Novel Compiler-Friendly Micro-Architecture for Rapid Development of High-Performance and Low-Power DSPs

published by Shaker Verlag , Aachen, ISBN 3-8322-3351-2


Contributions and feature enhancements are welcome. Please submit to gordoncichon@gmail.com.

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